The period swimwear for teens

period swimwear for teens

Many young girls and teenagers feel uncomfortable swimming during their period. Whether it's for school swimming, water sports or summer vacation, using internal sanitary protection (tampon, cup) can be insufficient, uncomfortable or sometimes even impossible. Fortunately, a brand new solution exists: the period swimwear!

Period swimwear for teens

The period swimwear has an absorbent protection at the level of the crotch. Like menstrual panties, this protection is composed of an absorbent fabric and a waterproof membrane designed to retain menstrual flow. It thus makes it possible to contain the blood from your period which is more viscous than water, especially at the exit of bath, where one certainly does not want to see blood running along its legs...

Can you really swim in a menstrual swimsuit?

Yes, what's the point of designing a swimsuit if you can't swim in it?

With our swimsuits, we can swim in the sea, in a pool, in a lake... Be careful with the jacuzzi, though. If you use it frequently, it could tend to wear out your menstrual swimsuit prematurely.

How does it work?

The absorbent part of our swimsuits is the winning combo of 4 extra thin layers (to be invisible):

1 honeycombed part which receives the blood
1 absorbent part that keeps the blood flowing
1 part retains odors and leaks
1 waterproof part that allows you to stay dry whatever happens!

Does the absorbent part show when wearing the Undiestar rule swimsuit?

No, the absorbent pad is designed to absorb a light flow, so it is super thin! Kind of like a menstrual panty. The absorbent part is developed to be thin but super effective 💪 To give an idea, it is less than 3mm thick!

Do I have to change my period swimwear after swimming?

You don't have to change your swimsuit after you've been in the water. You can keep it on and go back in afterwards. It all depends on how you feel.

Is it necessary to wear a sanitary protection in addition?

No, but if you have a heavy flow and have fallen for one of our menstrual swimsuits, you can wear an inner liner in addition to it to prevent any risk of leakage.